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Guide to restaurants West London is here to bring you the best options when it comes to dining out. We have information on the best restaurants in the UK, where to eat, where to splash out and where to avoid.

We have information on restaurants for any occasion and any budget. If you are planning a big birthday meal in the big city, we could tell you where to go.

It is always hard planning a meal out with a bunch of friends who all have different tastes, allergies and requirements. Restaurant Ranking Guide is the fuss-free way to finding your new favourite restaurant.

Top London restaurant experiences London

Some of the best restaurant experiences don’t come down to the food experience alone. All of the top London restaurants ensure that guests find enjoyment in every part of the restaurant, from the service to the atmosphere and of course, the quality of the food.

One of the biggest complaints of London restaurants is that they rush you in and out of the premises. People often complain that staff are overworked and so become rude to customers.

Most good restaurants will have air conditioning that is safe to use in a customer based environment, meaning it is regularly serviced and maintained.

This is because another big complaint that restaurants receive is that the restaurants are too hot. It may seem surprising that just under half of the people asked said that poorly air-conditioned restaurants have ruined their experience.


Our top 3

Gloria is a vibrant Italian restaurant right in the centre of Hackney. Gloria offers its customers a  bright and bubbling environment, with rugged yet charming features.

The food is perhaps the best part of Gloria’s restaurant experience, as it adds life and elegance to typical comfort foods, as well as offering traditional cocktails and desserts.

The Smoking Goat in Shoreditch offers real traditional experience, giving guests the chance to see their food being cooked in front of them. Not only does this provide great entertainment, but it gives customers peace of mind that they are receiving high-quality natural foods.

Be careful, The Smoking Goat is in high demand so it is always best to make a reservation.

A Wong, based in Victoria, is the best new Chinese restaurant, with its founder winning GQ magazine’s restauranteur of the year award you expect to receive the highest quality of food, entertainment and comfort.

The menu offers a journey into China, with a combination of traditional Chinese meals, and more contemporary dishes such as the popular Scallop Puffs.



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