How to ensure food safety

10 ways to ensure food safety

There are various negative consequences that can happen when you ignore food safety regulations and standards.

For example, your business can suffer as a result, your staff and customer’s health, damage to your premise and huge infestations that are costly to reverse.

The law in brief:

Avoid pricey pest control services

By scheduling regular pest control visits, or taking on a pest contract can save your business money in the long run, not to mention keeping your customer’s safe from sickness.

As pests are attracted to food sources, your kitchen will be a big target for pests to thrive.

Getting rid of a problem overnight

Infestations can happen, and happen out of nowhere. Therefore, lots of businesses across the country seek emergency 24-hour pest control to help eradicate the problem so that they can once again open their doors safely to customers. HELP: I have an emergency!

Eradication in 24 hours is possible, however, it does rely on how long the severity and duration of the infestation as well as the type.

What you can do to ensure food safety always:

  1. Design and locate your facilities properly – make sure your location support the elimination of contamination
  2. Understand your machinery, stock, product and handling management – this will need to be managed to ensure everything is carried out to a high standard and complies with food safety regulations
  3. Ensure you are taking a proactive approach to upkeep and maintenance – keep an eye out for wear and tear as well as damage from pests which can contaminate produce
  4. Make sure you have measures in place that can be called on to control pests and prevent their appearance
  5. Assign appropriate waste management facilities
  6. Clean daily
  7. Be clued up about environment hygiene
  8. Put measures in place to make sure personal hygiene is met
  9. Maintain food safety standards when handling, storing or transporting food
  10. Spend time educating your staff on these processes

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