Tooth restorations

Missing Tooth Solutions

None of us like the idea of having to undergo a cosmetic dentistry procedure in order to have a brighter and better smile, but when the alternative may be missing or damaged and unsightly teeth, the decision is an easy one.

Let’s break down the top three methods of tooth restoration to help you get back that winning smile:

1) Single Implants

If you are missing a tooth and feel self-conscious about a gap in your smile, then there is a straightforward procedure you can do to fit the problem.

Using a special metal implant that fuses to the bone in your jaw, a false tooth can be fitted easily and will stay put, sturdily and safely so you no longer have to put up with a missing too and gap in your smile.

There are several important benefits to implants:

  • You can eat what you want as if you had a real tooth
  • The implant looks natural
  • Addressing gaps stops bone shrinkage
  • Helps restore and rebuild lost tissue
  • Eliminates the need for dentures

2) All on Four

Taking the implant idea a step further is the inventive and revolutionary ‘All on Four’ treatment. Learn more.

When you are missing multiple teeth, the traditional answer would have been dentures, but these can slip and move around your mouth, causing pain and discomfort, as well as the potential for social embarrassment.

All on Four uses the jaw implant technology to attach a bridge with four teeth on it to the jaw in one go, removing the need to have a metal implant screwed into your jaw for every missing tooth.

This revolutionary technology can make dentures a thing of the past and provide a long-term safe solution to the significant problem of multiple missing teeth, restoring your oral health and your confidence in your smile.

3) Crowns & Bridges

Finally, if you have a decayed, cracked or broken tooth, or a tooth that is mainly a filling, but not an entirely missing tooth, then a crown could be the answer to restore your full smile. It is a perfect solution to a partially missing tooth.

This procedure can offer significant benefits to a patient, including:

  • Protecting a decayed tooth from further damage
  • Protecting a tooth after a root canal treatment
  • Holding a cracked tooth together
  • Improving the appearance of the tooth and mouth
  • Matching the existing colour of your teeth

Should the tooth be entirely missing, then bridges are an option. Unlike implants or All on Four, these tooth replacements are permanently cemented to your mouth and cannot be removed.